Inkjet print

The installation instructions to a pirated copy of the Rosetta Stone language learning software were printed at a large scale and pasted to the gallery wall.





Custom ordered jigsaw puzzle and performance

A group of about 10 people were asked to complete a jigsaw puzzle of the art critic/theorist Nicolas Bourriaud in an hour. All remaining pieces not connected were thrown away and the results were framed.



A copy of Guy Debord’s seminal text, The Society of The Spectacle is purchased in cash at one Borders Books and walked to another for a refund. Along the way random pedestrians are asked to read, for a disinterested camera, passages from the book. A bookmark is left to mark the progress.

This work has also been shown as instructional text in the publication: Whistling Past The Freedom Trail


whisky, ceramic tiles

Two bottles of whisky, one almost finished and the other replaced with water, were submitted to an art auction as sculptural objects.






audio, wires, speakers

An installation completed for the frame 301 gallery in Beverly, MA. The work was later destroyed and incorporated into a collaborative piece by Daniel Philips.


vinyl lettering, performance

This short lived performance was the result of an employed task to remove the exhibition labeling of a previous show. For a brief moment the gallery content was held to question.



2012 Anthony Montuori